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Credit Card

We ingest plastic every day. It may
come from water bottles, food,
and the kitchenware we use.

On average, our bodies end up
absorbing the equivalent of a
credit card per week

The University of Newcastle

Chemical Bin

Bamboo and MDF kitchenware use
high contents of toxic chemicals

to glue together small pieces of
particle wood


Using stainless steel in the kitchen
can increase 34 times the level of
nickel in food
, causing adverse
reactions such as dermatitis.

American Chemical Society


The safest ally in the kitchen

  • Teak wood is one of the best materials in
    nature to repel bacteria and fungi
  • Ziruma Kitchenware is coated with
    enhanced organic beeswax, protecting
    your food against pathogens and free of
    harmful chemicals

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