Care & Cleaning

Extend the life of your board in a few easy steps

Your board is alive and needs proper maintenance. To preserve the antibacterial properties of Teak wood, it is important to wax your board often. Follow this care instructions and learn how to clean and wax your products.



  1. Clean your board with water and soap. Make sure to clean inside the juice canals. 
  2. Dry the board with a small towel and leave it to rest on one side overnight


Wooden boards are not dishwasher safe.

Don't leave the board submerged in water as it can lead to warping. 

Vinegar is even better than soap


  1. Apply beeswax or coconut oil on the cutting board, and spread it with a clean towel. 
  2. Let the wax soak in the wood for at least 30 minutes. Then, remove the excess wax using a clean cloth.


Apply beeswax often; any time you notice the coating has faded.

Do not use olive or vegetable oil, its acids decay wood.