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“The joy of eating is a universal experience that knows no bounds of wealth or status. The simple act of nourishing oneself with good food is a basic human need that can bring immense happiness to anyone!”

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The beast!

I rather felt bad for the delivery person as this board is a beast! I noted the notches in the bottom in the photo but it wasn't until I had the board in hand that I realized that those are needed to get your hands underneath to lift it. There are two notches that are basically the handles. Otherwise, it's VERY girthy and would be hard wedging one's fingers under it. It's beautiful and is currently being used on our table more as a tray/riser than for cutting. It truly is a beauty and I will find a way to showcase it.

Really large serving bowls

This is a very nice salad kit set complete with a large attractive wooden main serving bowl, two utensils for tossing and serving and four large ceramic bowls. The bowls are quite capable of holding mass amounts of salad, yet they are shallow enough to give a very pleasant view of all the bits that make up the salad. When finished and cleaned they all stack within the wooden bowl for easy storage in the cabinet!