Social Eating

People who regularly eat with others are happier and more satisfied with their lives. Yet, strangely, we keep making excuses to isolate ourselves from the joy of real social interaction. 46% percent of all adult's meals are eaten alone. Many are consumed in our cars, desks, or looking at screens. 

Eating together is an opportunity to de-stress, catch up with those we love, and even meet new people. Social eating is excellent for your mind and body. A recent study from the University of Oxford found that eating with others brings multiple benefits: 

  • Laughter, singing, and story-telling are all known to trigger happy hormones. 
  • Dining together with friends and family can improve communication skills
  • You are more aware and less distracted around food which results in healthier eating

Our Miami Food Studio promotes social eating activities, food discussions, menu tastings, and cooking classes. In addition, you may join many global organizations with similar objectives: