Natural Materials

For millennia, wood has been an essential material in the development of human civilizations. Among all woods, true Teak (Tectona grandis), is one of the most valued fine woods worldwide. Teak in itself has rare qualities. From self-conserving properties that repel fungi and bacteria, to hydrophobic resistance to water degradation. Teak is a champion worldwide in numerous fields in applications as diverse as construction, medicine and fashion. Teak is the paragon of durability when it comes to fine woods.

 Did you know that teak was a crucial element in Britain's rise as a global empire? British ships built with teak remained intact and undamaged for well over 100 years. That is longer than the lifespan of ships made of steel.

Unique Teak Wood Features

Natural Resistance to Water

The dense fibers within teak mature slow over time to generate one of nature's most robust and reliable woods. It takes at least 25 years for a teak tree to reach a mature stage where its wood is considered of prime quality. This means a quarter of a century is necessary for the teak tree to develop the high silica and rubber content that renders its wood hydrophobic within its structure. These are the properties that prevent water deterioration and eventual decomposition.

Self-Conserving Properties

Teak has a formidable natural defense mechanism. It is the only wood that can organically resist damage from small pathogens. Natural compound chemicals within its structure, such as tectoquinone and naphthoquinone, form the bedrock for its protective qualities. These elements combine together providing a solid defense against fungus, mold, mildew, and insects. Teak is thus unsusceptible to decay, a reason that may explain its widespread use.

Many ancient palace pillars and bridges across the globe made of teak, to this day, still stand strong in excellent condition.

Perfect for the Kitchen

Teak Wood and kitchenware are just a perfect match:

  • When used in cutting boards, teak’s high rubber and silica content keeps knives sharp, unlike plastic or bamboo materials.

  • Professional chefs have praised teak for its anti-skid properties, which means more grip. No more high-action kitchens!

  • Its organic resistance to water is perfect for extensive washing and for handling juicy products.

  • Most importantly, its unique antibacterial properties allow for a safe cooking experience.