Natural Materials

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Natural Materials

Plastic, bamboo and stainless steel kitchenware transfer harmful chemicals to our food every day. BPA, formaldehyde and nickel are the most common examples of toxics having negative impacts on our health.

Laboratory Erlenmeyer

We keep it simple and safe, all our products are made with the finest natural
materials used for centuries in kitchens all over the world.

Our process uses up to 67% less energy than
materials used in typical kitchenware.

Factory pollution reduction statistic

All our products and packaging are
biodegradable and 100% plastic free.

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Fine Woods

Only sustainable solid woods can guarantee superior quality. We use teak, walnut and cherry; premium hardwoods praised for their dependability and unique natural properties.

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Teak wood protected against fungi and virus
Dirty wood cutting board

Most substandard wooden kitchenware is cured with Mineral Oil, which is made from fossil fuels. Surely not the best thing to mix with your food. That is the main reason why we only use pure natural ingredients.

Coconut Oil

We treat and cure our wood products with USDA organic certified coconut oil to prevent deterioration and enhance product life.

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Coconut oils
Honey comb


We finish our products with beeswax, a pure ingredient that contains antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, which create a natural shield against pathogens.
Beeswax has hydrophobic properties that prevent water from deteriorating materials such as wood or paper.